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Hristo Petroff

Full Stack Developer

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Hristo Petrov, aka Elfini7y, is a skilled full-stack software developer working at the best tech company, PrettyNeat. With a diverse range of skills, including expertise in VueJS, NuxtJS, C# and more, Hristo is a valuable member of the team. He is passionate about UI design and takes pride in creating functional and visually appealing user interfaces. While Hristo enjoys pushing his boss's buttons, he is a team player and makes the first pot of coffee each morning. His dedication to his work and love for the company where he works make him a valuable asset to the team.



  1. Full-stack Developer at PrettyNeat Forever

    I am a full-stack developer at PrettyNeat. I work on a variety of web and mobile projects. Also UI design and UX research.

  2. 2014 - Salisbury University - B.S. in Computer Science

    Studied "BSC in Computer Science and Engineering", but I dropped out cuz failed my scholarship. I was super lazy and not interested after sometime.

  3. Born in 1994, June 16

    Damn i am old.